A Complete Guide For Amazon Fire Stick Support & Setup

Use this dedicated Amazon Fire Stick Support page to refer to standard steps to configuring your device or even troubleshooting it.  Connect the hardware requisites, establish the network and register to your Amazon account to proceed with the setup guide

Amazon Fire Stick

About Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon’s Fire Stick is an inexpensive device that comes with an enhanced voice remote that helps you control other devices as well, such as your TV. The Alexa Voice Search is extremely useful, provides users with quick performance and makes it one of the most budget-friendly streaming media. Upgrade your existing TV appliance to 1080p with the full-featured Amazon Fire Stick without having to spend extensively on 4K. Simply speak into the remote to execute your commands – play any movie, album or TV show that you wish with your voice. The 4K stick is equipped with a quad-core processor that is extremely fast that has the ability to handle Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos sound and HDR 10, HDR + and HLG.

Features of Amazon Fire Stick

Firestick Remote

Arrives with a handy remote that offers excellent search functionalities and all your selections will be made easily

Amazon fire stick apps

Explore the world of entertainment accessing the entertaining apps such as Netflix, Hulu  and a lot more

Voice search

Make all the selections with Voice search option and all you need to do is to speak with an audible voice

How to Set Up Amazon Fire Stick?

If you are using the super upgraded and powerful Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K then you will find, besides the stick, a 2nd generation Alexa Voice Remote, a couple of AAA batteries, the power adapter, the USB cable and an HDMI Extender Cable. There are some guides available within the box pertaining to usage of the gadget – you can always refer to our Amazon Fire Stick Support materials during your setup process

1   Plug in all the equipment and power up the Fire TV using USB cable attached to the TV – power adapter should be affixed to an electrical outlet
2   Load the AAA batteries with the right orientation into the Alexa remote
3   Then follow steps to Choose your Language and allow the stick to search for networks
4   At the Connect to your Network screen, select your network’s name and enter the password
5   Thereafter, the stick gets connected and displays a Connection Successful message
6   The device will automatically check for any updates and will download the latest software
7   Following updates, the device will restart and begin the registration process
8  Click on Continue and then Yes to sync the existing device with your Amazon Account

Amazon Factory Settings

  • When you are unable to troubleshoot the device or progress with any of the processes, then it is best to use the Factory Reset procedure
  • All downloaded content and in-app purchases will be erased, and the device will take its original form
  • Users must ensure to eject all USB external drives backup all third-party purchases and content
  • Use your remote to restore the device to Factory Settings
  • Press down the navigation circle on the right side + the Back button for about 10 seconds
  • A message appears on the TV screen asking you to either Cancel or Continue with the factory reset
  • The Reset process is automatically triggered even if you don’t make a choice

Pairing the Firestick Remote

  • As part of the setting up process, it is extremely important to pair the remote to work with the device
  • With the Fire TV stick, you also have the choice to pair six more controllers and remotes from the Settings menu
  • Note: Loading the batteries is an imperative step before you continue with pairing the remote
  • Choose Controllers & Bluetooth Devices -> check for all the options available beneath it
  • Hold the Home button down for 10 seconds till the Fire TV stick looks for a signal
  • The remote will be listed on the TV’s display the moment it is discovered
  • Select it, to finish pairing
  • You can also accomplish pairing of another remote from the Fire TV app with the Amazon Fire Stick Support

Use Your Mobile as FireStick Remote

You can also download the Fire TV app on to your mobile to use it as a makeshift remote. Pair all your registered devices through the app from the mobile. Find the app on all standard Android and iOS play stores for installation. Once downloaded open the app -> choose the available device -> follow the screen prompts. Control the selected Fire TV device as you choose the navigation on-screen and other options from the menu


Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshooting Tips

While the Fire TV stick is extremely easy to set up and use, refer to these simple troubleshooting modules if you face any eventualities. Call our advisors to provide you with constructive troubleshooting information to quickly mitigate and problems.

Firestick Won't Connect to Wi-Fi

The Fire TV is unable to connect to the internet or currently seems unavailable then it is probably due to weak Wi-Fi signals. Check your other devices and if you are able to connect it to the existing signals. Thereafter, you may also want to verify if you have chosen the correct network name and have typed the password incorrectly. All network and home devices must be restarted along with the Fire TV stick device. Finally, check if your device is placed in an enclosed area, where signals generally tend to be feeble

Device Does not switch on

Generally, if your device doesnt not turn on, it can be due to power issues. Hence you can check the cable connectivity across all devices or troubleshoot the remote. Always use the compatible power adapter and cord for the device. Check if the HDMI input port that you use is slid properly. If you prefer using an HDMI port, then plug the device into the TV directly and verify if your device is working. Restart all the devices, including Fire TV stick and other attached gadgets to alleviate the issue. Execute the troubleshooting tips, resolve the errors to start streaming

Unable to Pair The Remote

Remote pairing usually, happens automatically, the moment you have loaded the batteries. At other times, if you are having trouble pairing the remote, then check if the batteries placed into the gadget are drained – which means you may just have to replace the batteries to alleviate the situation. Use our Amazon Fire Stick Support material for a quick resolution of the issue. You may want to disconnect the power source for some time or just move the remote closer to the streaming Fire TV device to control it. The ideal and recommended distance between the remote and device is about 3 m or 10 feet. If the above does not work, first switch the Fire TV device off. Then press Menu + Back + navigation circle (left side) for about 10 seconds. For more than 7 pairings, it is best to unpair at least one of them. Thereafter, go to the Fire TV settings from the Fire TV app to pair the remote once again

Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen

  • When the screen does not respond, goes blank or is just black in color, then you may want to recheck your input selection
  • Alternatively, you might also want to change the inputs
  • Disconnect the Fire TV device, temporarily from the existing HDMI port
  • Apply it to another port or try using another HDMI cable
  • Remove the adapter and power cord as well
  • If you have connected other devices and equipment to the Fire TV Stick, then you may want to disconnect those as well
  • Finally, check if you have followed the steps to setup appropriately, and if not, redo them
  • If nothing works, refer to the Amazon Fire Stick Support steps above to restore the device to factory settings

Logo stuck on screen

  • If you think that the Fire TV logo seen on the TV screen, is not progressing, then verify if there are any issues with the startup
  • Check device connections and restart the devices
  • Ensure that the Fire TV has enough power by plugging it directly into the TV
  • The screen should change when you let the device stay switched on, during startup, for at least 25 minutes
  • Otherwise, you can also try not using the extender / adapter
  • Check if the HDMI cable that you are using is high-speed
  • Change the HDMI port and avoid using hubs
  • To function with the Fire TV stick, appropriately, the TV should also be HDCP compliant
  • Seek guidance from our experts pertaining to the Amazon Fire Stick Support.

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