The Simple Steps – Amazon Fire TV Stick First Time Setup

Amazon Fire Stick – The Miraculous

The streaming has become more comfortable with the Amazon Fire Stick, and it is at the top of the charts. The no:1 best-selling streaming media player is indeed a marvelous success, and the all-new Alexa remote played a pivotal role in the device’s race to destiny.

Many experts claimed that the gadget would turn out to be a failure, but despite every thorn in its path, the Fire Stick has managed to get the deserved acclaim.

The main reason for this undisputed dominance is the introduction of the voice recognition system, otherwise known by the name “Alexa.”

Some Of The Unique Personalities

The Firestick is initially known for the easy setup process, and the thing comes already registered to the Amazon account.

Connect it to the HDTV and start enjoying all your favorite HDTV titles. To regulate suitable TVs, you can use the dedicated volume, power, and mute buttons.

You can view all your preferred content from renowned platforms such as Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, Apple TVs, etc.

The addition of the official YouTube app surely proves to be an everlasting impact, and it shall draw more users to employ the stick’s services.

First Time Setup – The Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Once you’re prepared for the entire process, we shall take steps to set up the Amazon Fire TV stick:

  1. First of all, get your Fire TV stick and link the device’s port to the cord
  2. The other end has to be linked to the power adapter
  3. Also, link the power adapter to the power source
  4. Power on the TV and you’ve to open the HDMI input
  5. The FireStick shall start to load on the TV screen
  6. Since it is the first time, the process shall consume several minutes
  7. The Fire Stick remote has to set up and insert the two AAA cells
  8. The remote pairs with the gadget automatically
  9. In case, if the gadget is unpaired, push and hold the home button on the Roku remote

In the end, the remote gets paired with the FireStick, tap the Play/Pause button to initiate the setup process.

FireStick asks for the language you prefer and choose it using the remote. Press the OK button to confirm the move

Linking to the Internet Facility

After you’re done with all the preferences, you’ve to link the Amazon Fire Stick to the Wi-Fi:

  1. The FireStick shall start to search for all the available networks that are within a specified distance
  2. As you see the list of networks, select the Wi-Fi and enter the SSID & Password
  3. Then, register the FireStick with an Amazon account

It can be done by providing the required details such as first name, second name, address, and payment information.

The Amazon FireStick gets ready, and you’ll have to wait for a few seconds. Finally, you can finish off the setup process.

You can even enable the Parental controls on the next window, and you’ve to enter the PIN to proceed with many processes.

Pairing the Remote with the TV

  1. You might see a window as you’re about to pair the remote with the TV
  2. Click the next option and press the Volume up & down button on the remote
  3. Choose Yes in case if you hear any audio. Otherwise, you could click no for the process to repeat
  4. The FireStick TV remote gets paired successfully with the gadget
  5. A pop-up appearing can confirm it on the screen

How Do You Access the Content?

  1. Initially, Use your Alexa remote to navigate to the Amazon channel store
  2. Then find your favorite channel or app using the advanced search option
  3. Click the Get option to acquire the platform
  4. Consequently, Activate it by using the required activation code

If you’ve any queries related to the Amazon FireStick setup process, you can visit our sites Amazon Fire Stick Support and get the issues fixed on time!

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